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Flying Monkey Yoga

Hello everyone! This online session is a playful, fun and challenging class.

Expect to explore deep abdominals, isometric holds, flowing Vinyasa sequences and focussed breath work.This class is designed to allow you to practice at your own pace, and variations will be offered throughout. Usually practiced to music, I will send out a Spotify playlist before for those who prefer flowing with some tunes!Please consider switching the camera on, but because of the music - please turn audio off :)

See you on the mats!

Ash x

Instructions: This class will be held on Zoom from my living room - likely with my dog! Please book within 1 hour of practice starting, I will then send you a link to open to the Zoom practice AND a link to the Spotify playlist.

Grab a cup of tea, your mat, a block (or a book/a rolled up towel) and join me for this home Yoga practice.

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